Aoudad Hunts

Aoudad are one of the most difficult and thrilling hunts at Cimarron Canyon Outfitters. With their keen sense of smell and hearing, and their incredible camouflage, Aoudad rams will test your hunting skills in the best way possible.

Expect to have to land a shot from 200 –300 yards out – and don’t forget to adjust your targeting for the Oklahoma winds. Each Aoudad hunt at Cimarron Canyon Outfitters is 3 days/2 nights of fully guided hunting. You’ll have one of our experienced Cimarron Canyon Outfitters guides to help you stalk your Aoudad and create the hunt of your life.

After you’ve harvested your ram, we’ll help transport your animal to the meat processor and taxidermist. With horns up 30 inches (each!), you’ll treasure your Aoudad trophy for years to come – and treasure the memories of the hunt it took to get.

Aoudad Hunt Pricing

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