Frequently Asked Questions

Is lodging provided?

Lodging is provided with our guided hunts, and there is no additional cost.

Can you tell me about the lodge?

Our CCO Lodge is one of a kind! We harvested cedar from our property, and used it to outfit most of our lodge. Between the remote wilderness surrounding our lodge, and the cabin feel and design, complete with an array of mounts, our lodge is the perfect resting place after a long day of hunting.

How is the lodge set up?

The CCO Lodge sleeps 12 people, making it perfect for large groups, or multiple hunting parties. We designed the space as a place for hunters from all over to gather, share stories, and hunt together. But you’ll still have private sleeping quarters.

Are meals provided at the lodge?

Although meals are not provided, we do have two kitchens, and several outdoor grills that you can utilize for meals. You can either bring groceries, or visit one of the nearby towns for meals. Coffee, filters, sugar, etc. are provided.

Where are you located?

The lodge is located in North Central Oklahoma. If you want specifics, we’re southwest of Carney, Oklahoma, on road E. 850, just off of highway 177.

Where do you hunt?

We have hunting rights on our property, a few hundred yards from the CCO Lodge. Between our onsite acreage, and other areas we hunt within a 20-mile radius, we have thousands of acres to hunt.

What do you hunt?

We hunt feral hogs, ram, wild turkey, aoudad, pheasant, axis, and waterfowl.

Can you tell me more about your hog hunts?

We stock a hunting preserve with wild, feral hogs for our guests. It’s important to note, these hogs were not raised in captivity and their instincts are wild. Our guides will help plan your hunt, track hogs, get you set up in the hunting stands, retrieve game, and field dress and quarter your kill.

Can you tell me more about your waterfowl hunts?

Of course! Our location in Central Oklahoma allows us to hunt both zones during waterfowl season, which means more hunting opportunities for you. We primarily field hunt so you can leave those waders at home. Finally, please don’t bring hunting dogs, as we have our own.

What does a semi-guided or guided hunt look like?

Our guided hunts emphasize fun and safety, and we take both very seriously. We want you to have an unforgettable experience, regardless of what you are hunting, and to be safe too. All of our hunts include planning, tracking, getting you set up in hunting stands, retrieving, field dressing, and quartering.

What else can I do at the CCO Lodge?

In addition to a skeet shoot, we have a 100-yard rifle range.